O vivo V20 is the next smartphone in the new line of Vivo smartphones which was introduced in September 2021. The phone in Vivo V20 line is equipped with the hardware needed to run Android applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, GoogleTalk and Android Market. The O vivo V20 also measures down to a size of 7.4mm and weighs just around 170 grams. Vivo V20 has a six inch Full HD+ LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 17:9. This phone offers a comfortable viewing experience for anyone who will use it.

The O vivo V20 has a unique yet compact design that offers a comfortable viewing angle for anyone who will use it. It is powered by an internal storage which is supported by the microSD slot which supports expandable memory capacity of up to two hundred and eighty two gigabytes. There is also a built-in dual camera setup that allows for a front and rear cameras which are placed at the back and the center top in order to capture clear pictures even in dimly lit conditions. The O vivo V20 features a power saving mode that will cut off the power when the battery is low which helps you save on your phone’s energy when it comes to browsing, video conferencing or entertainment purposes. The O vivo V20 runs on the Aluminium platform of Samsung.

With a quad core processor the O vivo V20 offers twice the performance of other mobiles like the Nokia E71 that comes with an Exynos processor. The O vivo V20 also comes with a speedy camera setup that comes equipped with a 16 mega pixel camera sensor, optical zoom and a laser imaging system. This compact mobile comes with an advanced notification system that helps you get notified when the battery gets low, when there is an incoming call and also when the battery of your mobile phone reaches a certain level.

With a large number of people who are using the Google Android mobile operating system the O vivo V20 is a great choice for people who want to experience a high performance mobile phone. Although the O vivo has a larger display than the Android phones it still manages to fit in a very small footprint. One feature that the O vivo V20 does not come with is a virtual keyboard but this is something that you can add on later on as you get more familiar with vivo v20 the phone. One of the main complaints about the O vivo V20 was that it tended to drain the battery life out of most handsets but with the usage of apps and various visual indicators it has been able to reduce this.

With a large amount of users sharing their selfies through the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter the O vivo V20 has been an exciting device to own. You can upload your selfies and share them with the whole world but if you want to enjoy even more fun then you should try out the O vivo V20. The HTC Desire HD and the LG Optimus Vu remain two of the best smartphones when it comes to taking and sharing pictures.


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