In-place media is a relatively new term for the long used practice of banner marketing. Banners are most often associated with trade show and event marketing, but more and more industries from retail to restaurants are discovering how effective banner signage can be.

One of the reasons for the explosion in banner marketing is economics. Manufacturing processes have become more efficient and the lightweight materials used in construction are more readily available. Lift up a banner All these factors have led to prices of banners to come down significantly in recent years, making their use much more affordable.

While there are many banner stands available on the market, one of the most versatile is the roll-up banner. This type features a cassette that houses a graphic which is integrated into the base of the stand. This allows the graphic to be quickly rolled out of the housing for set-up. Older style banners use a channel system and the graphic is separate. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this type, it does take longer to set-up and as the graphic is separate, there is greater chance of damage when storing or transporting.

A roll up banner is ideal for retailers, restaurants or any business that rely on walk in traffic for a good portion of business. Placed in front of the store so the sign can be seen by those strolling by, a roll-up banner is much more effective than window signage or displays as it can be seen by pedestrians without effort. Retailing experts refer to this as window blindness, meaning people walk by retail shops and restaurants without turning their heads. A well-designed graphic combats this phenomenon to pull in more traffic.

Roll ups are also good for pavement use as the heavier base makes them less likely to tip if knocked into by those walking by or by an occasional wind gust. Of course weights can also be used to further stabilize the stand.

Another thing to consider is graphic change-out. Whilst many roll up banners have static graphics, some models feature interchangeable rollers so messaging can be changed readily. For situations where the banner message needs to change regularly (such as promoting a daily menu special) a roll up with an interchangeable cartridge is much more cost effective than purchasing multiple stands.

The roll up banner has many other uses too. Many corporations are using banners for internal communications to more effectively message employees about important dates, events and training. The roll up banner is great for this application as it can be quickly deployed in front of a lift or in a reception area and then easily moved to other areas as office traffic patterns change throughout the day.

Any business that could benefit from quick to set-up, portable signage should investigate a roll up banner. Through the use of bold graphics and deft placement, one can see an immediate impact on business. There are many systems available in a variety of sizes and prices. One can check online for the latest models and best prices.


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